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Oils in the Cellar—Sawdust in the Attic

   I grew up in a home of polarized artists My father, an executive at the Reader’s Digest from 1956-1967, also had a fully outfitted woodworking shop in the attic of our old colonial house. There he crafted furniture year … Continue reading

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Choose Your Weapons, Ladies!

This cartoon is the story of my life: endless ideas, carousel-like focus. These six tools became my best friends, each one taking a turn comforting me, challenging me, defying me, and assisting me in my exploration of the woman I was to become. They … Continue reading

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My first blog post

  If a blog is published and no one sees it, does it really exist? Zen koan for the night. I sit here in the late evening darkness, three stories up, window open, listening to the faint sound of rain … Continue reading

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