Many Threads of Aloft

In this blog I dance back and forth between a few areas of interest:

1- Art-Making: watercolor, pen&ink, sketch-booking: mostly my own, sometimes the work of others I admire.

2- Journaling: My own experiences with diary-keeping for the past fifty years, and the journals of four generations of women in my family (starting in 1862).

3- Views from Aloft: These are random quirky observations I’ve had throughout my life, thanks to being an introvert for most of it. Beware of quiet people with pencils and notebooks…

4- Book #2 Is In-Progress!:  My first book, “Look at That!” continues to be such a success that I’m encouraged to begin work on Book #2. The working title for now is “Double Take.” Stay tuned!

Feel free to also use the magical “Word Puzzle” near the bottom of the right column to see all posts related to whatever word you click on (such as Mentors, Perseverance, or Watercolor). The larger the word, the more posts you will find. Very cool resource!