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The Greatness of Blue: a holiday season story

It was the 24th day of the last month of the year, snow was everywhere, and all the summer birds had long since headed south for the winter. Or so the villagers thought. The townsfolk were busy trying to keep … Continue reading

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What a year it has been.

A year ago yesterday I published the Kindle version of my book, Look at That! Discover the Joy of Seeing by Sketching. Two days later, a year ago tomorrow, the paperback version became available. In the last 12 months, 3,353 … Continue reading

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Learning how to slog, again

If this post sounds familiar, that’s good! It was originally published on July 15th, 2021 and soon after, I got cold feet. I mean, really cold feet. Cold enough for me to sign up for an eight-week online art course … Continue reading

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What I’ve been learning

It’s been a busy month since I last wrote: finishing up one course (writing), still in the middle of another (art), loving what I’m learning in both. Writing The course I just finished was offered by Memoir Writing Ink, an … Continue reading

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This gentle man changed my life

As I work along on my painting and writing projects, I catch myself every now and then having a spontaneous “bird’s eye view” of my cozy little life. Does that happen to you? Are there moments when you suddenly feel … Continue reading

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The Cha-Cha of Confidence

You may have noticed I haven’t written much about sketching, or watercolor, or art supplies lately. Instead, I seem to be fixated on writing about how to best use one’s time for the most pleasant result at the end of … Continue reading

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Enough, Equanimity, and Selective Indifference

Enough What a powerful word. Even in these days of pandemic semi-lockdown, it is still easy to get the sense you are not doing ‘enough.’ That thought can be in my head before I even fully awaken in the morning! … Continue reading

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For God’s Sake, Get a Tribe!

It’s that time of year again, when a few friends and I spend four weeks planning out our dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and of course in order to do this, we begin by looking back on the … Continue reading

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Episode 11/11…wherein I return home to 2020, and ponder next steps

I always experience a bit of emotional jet-lag at the end of a long trip, and this time is no different, despite having done all this travel sitting right here at my laptop in the living room. It was exhausting … Continue reading

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Episode 10/11…wherein we explore all of Wales, in just one place

Sunday the 10th of April, 2022 Hard to believe that by the end of the day we will be at our final destination, a hotel near London’s Heathrow Airport. Along the way though, we will dawdle and wander and smile … Continue reading

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