“The Joy of Seeing” is now a series!

It all began as a very simple idea:

“How can I show people an easy way to use sketchbook drawing and painting as a way to see better?”

We all see better when we slow down. We breathe better. We often even feel better.
Look at That! was the first book. It was received with great enthusiasm and best seller status, a pleasant surprise.

But I intentionally left out one detail: I, the author, am partially blind.

That fact was antithetical to the first book’s purpose: to instill joy and delight via sketching. After a while though, the backstory began to take on an allure as well.

“How did I ever do all that sketching, all that teaching, all that writing? What kept me going?”

“Moreover, how on earth did I develop a passionate sketching habit, not just a collection of sketching skills?” Those answers seemed worth exploring. Yes, it was a bit of a double take.

Double Take, a memoir-style prequel, is the book I never thought I’d write. I’m so glad I did. Enjoy!


Look at That! Discover the Joy of Seeing by Sketching

72 pages, 35 illustrations

An intentionally-tiny beginner’s art instruction book with a bit of life instruction thrown in for good measure.

Amazon link for ebook and paperback is here.

Independent bookstores link for paperback is here.

Double Take: A Second Look at the Joy of Seeing

230 pages, 155 illustrations

The true story of how the author continued drawing, sketching, and painting throughout her life, despite diminishing eyesight. It is the memoir-style prequel to the best-selling art instruction book, Look at That!

Amazon link for ebook and paperback is here.

Independent bookstores link for paperback will be linked here shortly.

It is my deepest hope that these books will be the missing link for many of you, so that you too can become a happily instinctive sketcher. I welcome your feedback, as always!