Consider Rationing… but not everything.

I’m going to try to make this short and sweet. Two points:


It is easy to snack/overeat when you are stressed or bored and stuck at home. This is now reality for a lot of people. I was sick with colds and sinus infections for 8 straight weeks this winter, from mid-December through mid-February, so I get it- I was already self-isolating before this latest madness started. And during that time I learned a few tricks.

The solution with food/hunger is two-fold:

  1. Have a food plan each day (I write mine on a post-it note) and stick to it (hmm, unintentional pun there…).
  2. The key to feeling full, satisfied, more often is simple: water. Hot, cold, in tea, in soup, through a straw, lots of water. It helps your immune system too. That way it will be easier to ration what food you have at home, make it last longer, and you’ll stay healthier.


Now that springtime is toying with us in the Northeast, it is so tempting to go outside. Do it of course, if you can, while avoiding people at the same time. For those of us who live in apartment buildings whose hallways and stairwells are starting to feel like biology-class petri dishes, you can still get some really good exercise, and mood elevation, by turning on your favorite music via Pandora or even the radio (what’s that?) If it’s truly your favorite tunes (from our teens and twenties for most folks), you’ll be dancing in no time whether you like it or not.  Go crazy! It’s your music, and a celebration of your own amazing life. Instant anti-depressant and anti-anxiety med, free of charge. Only side effect is joy.

So ration your supplies, but not your joy. This pandemic shall pass eventually, one way or another. In the meantime, you are here. It is time to enjoy every minute (just like it always is…)

Oh, and save some of that beautiful water for painting…

Bobby Heron-- smaller

Self-Portrait: Bobby Heron…. or Bobbie Herron. Discipline with Freedom, all wrapped into one. 🙂



About Bobbie Herron

I sit here in my loft studio, surrounded by watercolor brushes and paints, fountain pens, sketchbooks, journals- wanting more than anything to write and paint at the same time. I am the fourth generation of journal-keeping women, starting in 1862, and I have read their words and between their lines. This blog was inevitable: thoughts on the unsung glory of women whose lives were recorded and transformed through their writing and art.
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7 Responses to Consider Rationing… but not everything.

  1. deirdre vaughan says:

    And one more thing about water- I read that drinking water is a great preventative against Covid19 since you swallow any possible virus cells with the water rather than inhale them. Constantly sipping water is recommended as a preventative practice😀

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  2. Christine Higgins says:

    Hi Bobby! Just had to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. It’s a treasure!!

    Love, Christine

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  3. mel says:

    Britcop self-portrait is amazing. You are amazing. This is/was definitely short and sweet. Thanks! Love you.


  4. DeboraM says:

    Love love love your self portrait , aplause ! And thanks for the ‘tips’ gone drink a lot of waterly fluids and dancing , ‘see you soon’ !


  5. Dana Burrell says:

    I’m here getting my spring cleaning started and paying myself with extra art time for each “job” completed… getting my joy from both. Stay healthy my friend!


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