What a year it has been.

A year ago yesterday I published the Kindle version of my book, Look at That! Discover the Joy of Seeing by Sketching.

Two days later, a year ago tomorrow, the paperback version became available.

In the last 12 months, 3,353 copies have sold worldwide through Amazon, and a smaller total (harder to calculate) have sold through private and online bookstores. It’s been a #1 Best Seller in 4 categories for several months in a row, and ranks in the current top 1% of all Kindle book sales.

Those of you who know me know how amazed and grateful I am. This book was little more than a hair-brained idea 18 months ago, a thorn in my side 13 months ago, and a great relief off my back 12 months ago.

This time last November I was more relieved than excited, I knew I’d done my best, and had no idea if it would resonate with anyone else, just because it made sense to me.

Now I know for a fact that handfuls of people around the world are enjoying sketching just a little more, taking their wonky lines less seriously, and are seeing things they never saw before, even when they don’t have their sketchbooks in their hands. That makes me happier than anything else.

The joy, the flippin’ unbelievable joy of eyesight. The delight of our 5 senses. The shocking privilege of simply being alive.

It’s late, past my bedtime, so that’s all for me today. I’ve been muttering and battling with getting the colors right on the dozens of photos involved in my next very exciting blog post announcement which I had planned to upload today, but no luck.

When I noticed today’s date, I knew a pause was in order.

Thank you so much, to all my readers here, to every person who has bought or borrowed or loaned someone a copy of my book. And to every single person who sees what I see.

Life is so good. Enjoy.

10:15pm: grateful, even when the lights are low.

About Bobbie Herron

I live surrounded by watercolor brushes and paints, fountain pens, sketchbooks, and journals- often wanting more than anything to write and paint at the same time. If you like what you're reading, feel free to share it with others. If you see something that needs correction, please let me know. Thanks for visiting!
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10 Responses to What a year it has been.

  1. Beth Harwood says:

    Yay YOU, Bobbie. I love your passion, excitement and sense of adventure in all endeavors. Congratulations!

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  2. Andy Walker says:

    Great little book Bobbie, and thanks for recommending my courses in it. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to book 2!

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  3. Andy Walker says:

    Reblogged this on Andy's Art Blog and commented:
    A nice little book to get you started with sketching 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on your well-deserved success! Can’t wait for the next book!

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  5. Sandra Ray says:

    Absolutely remarkable, Bobbie. You worked hard and diligently for this achievement. I am so proud of you and so happy for you my dear friend. 💜

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  6. Thank you for your book and for coming into my life in your blog posts. You have brought me back to a joy of seeing and painting what I see. Congratulations on getting the book out there to people like me.
    Hugs from California

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