This gentle man changed my life

As I work along on my painting and writing projects, I catch myself every now and then having a spontaneous “bird’s eye view” of my cozy little life.

Does that happen to you?

Are there moments when you suddenly feel like you’re watching yourself from the outside, as an objective observer, and find yourself smiling a bit?

I am a very different person than I was five years ago. I’ve learned how to be more gentle navigating the hills and valleys of my health and energy. My moods, unfortunately, often follow those hills and valleys, and for years I’ve craved having some sort of buoy, a mooring rope to steady me when the waves are choppy.

I found this gentle buoyancy when I came across the work of Michael Nobbs.

I mention him on page 63 of my book, and thought you might enjoy meeting him right here, right now, with the click of your mouse or tap of your finger. Here he is (along with his cat Ounce) back in October 2018, walking the beautiful hillside behind his home in Wales, followed by one of his Creativity Sessions.

I’ve been following his work since 2017, and now am honored and pleased to be one of the folks who supports his work on Patreon. He reminds me and my fellow patrons (and himself!) that moving your creative life along, one small bit at a time, is a very good use of our time and energy.

Before you protest that you don’t see yourself as “A Creative,” let me reassure you that anything you do that fills your heart, and bubbles over so those around you benefit as well, is a very creative use of your time indeed.

If you are wondering how to get more satisfaction out of whatever your lot in life currently is, Michael Nobbs may have your answer.

Here are the important links. Make a pot of tea and enjoy. Thanks to Michael I am deep in the bliss of a writing retreat, which I wouldn’t have managed without his guidance.

Michael’s website:

Michael’s Patreon page:


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