Look at That! A week later…

Basingstoke Canal- web large Dec 2018

Basingstoke Canal, Hampshire England December 2018

What an adventure this life is. I have spent the past few weeks meeting with four eye specialists, having tests performed. blood drawn, and even a brain scan.

The results are in, and the good news is that nothing new is wrong. What a relief! I am traveling down a slippery slope, visually speaking, have not had much change in some time now, so this latest retinal atrophy came as a shock to me. Now you see it, now you don’t, and you never will again. The left eye is long gone, and the curtain is closing from the right, but there is still an area in the middle that is quite useful. What my very warm-hearted doctor did confirm was that there is every reason to believe that I may have this current level of eyesight “for a while” before I have to readjust again.

So, I am still writing daily, but not in a panicked rush. I can also return to my very slow painting technique, because I have the gift of time. Most of all the sense of urgency has morphed into a sense of passion.

Yes, look at that! And that, and that, and that!

I am walking instead of driving, seeing life from ground level rather than from an enclosed driver’s seat. I am making a point to connect on a deeper level with my true friends, and reaching out to artists and writers in order to enhance my professional/ creative network as well. I am exhaling, wow that feels great. And yes, I am planning to return to England in 2019 rather than waiting until 2020 as my previous every-other-year habit dictated. Now I can’t afford not to go. I want to see this beautiful canal in person, and paint from the embankment rather than from a photo a very dear friend shared with me. I am enchanted, and I want more.

How about you? What enchants you, what gets your juices flowing, makes you eager to go forth and enjoy the day?

Thanks for reading— now go savor a cup of your very own endorphin soup!

About Bobbie Herron

I live surrounded by watercolor brushes and paints, fountain pens, sketchbooks, and journals- often wanting more than anything to write and paint at the same time. If you like what you're reading, feel free to share it with others. If you see something that needs correction, please let me know. Thanks for visiting!
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5 Responses to Look at That! A week later…

  1. Maggie Butler says:

    Oh, Bobbie! Good news for your vision — a slowing pace is positive. I’m so happy that we will see more of your gorgeous paintings like Basingstoke Canal. So glad you are going back in England in 2019. Keep me posted on your plans, I will vicariously travel with you!

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  2. Jean Haley says:

    You are an inspiration, indeed. I am so glad you will be travelling. I respect your ability to slide down the painful slope and climb back up.

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  3. Sönke says:

    I am inspired by your passionate can do attitude, your zest for life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope the eyesight holds for a long time indeed. Love from here.

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  4. Wendy says:

    Every day is new. Looking forward is the way we were made. Otherwise perhaps there would be eyes in the back of our heads as well. I go down to my studio every morning happy to be surrounded by yarn, looms, my watercolors and the mountains that my log cabin faces. My looms all face the mountains. Catching the sunrise is a gift. Weaving is a gift. Breathing is a gift. Thankful for the gifts. That is what keeps me looking forward. Seeing the work of others enhances my breathing. So hapoy to lear. You will keep seeing your way to painting and writing.

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  5. karen MM says:

    I admire you in sooooo many ways! If you are not driving anymore, reach out to me for rides if you need them!! HUGS HUGS HUGS

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