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I sit here in my loft studio, surrounded by watercolor brushes and paints, fountain pens, sketchbooks, journals- wanting more than anything to write and paint at the same time. I am the fourth generation of journal-keeping women, starting in 1862, and I have read their words and between their lines. This blog was inevitable: thoughts on the unsung glory of women whose lives were recorded and transformed through their writing and art.

New beginnings…or “Onward Through the Fog!”

As I said in my last post, sometimes you have to be willing to close one door before you can open another, even if that means standing in the dark hallway alone for a while. I feel very comfortable in … Continue reading

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Knowing when to quit

My intention when wrote that title was to simply talk about a watercolor technique, specifically how do you know when to stop fiddling with your painting and call it good. As soon as I typed the title, though, I realized … Continue reading

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Taking stock of the soup we are in

A year ago today, Christmas Eve, I was in the midst of my second major right-eye retinal hemorrhage in two months, each occurring at the beginning of an extended holiday weekend. I hadn’t driven my car since mid-November 2018, and … Continue reading

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Dowsing for the Ultimate Watercolor Secret

This morning I was working on a lesson plan for my next  Sketchbook Adventure Club class this Saturday (theme for the day will be ‘Watercolor 101’), and honestly, I was struggling. I had way too much to say, insights into … Continue reading

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My roots are made of celluloid

I was born in the early 1950s and cannot remember a time when I wasn’t swooning over cartoons. The ones that my generation grew up with were crafted by Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes, Disney, and Hanna-Barbera. These were our versions … Continue reading

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I just finished a sketchbook

When you are using a 160-page sketchbook, as well as two other ‘specialty’ sketchbooks, all at the same time, it is a big deal when you Finish A Sketchbook. Why three at once you ask? Simple. 1) I want one … Continue reading

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Globetrotting as a Local Sport

Living about an hour away from a large, relatively old city means I can go there, I don’t have to go there, so I rarely go there. You can know intellectually that you are near a goldmine, but gee, it takes effort to grab … Continue reading

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