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Grounded…but in a good way

I gave myself another treat today—as my reward for donning shoes and a visor and a mask and venturing forth into the semi-safe great outdoors for some welcome exercise, I indulged in an iced coffee and a sweet at my … Continue reading

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Recent Travels with My Tribe

Part 2: I learned a great deal from my past three Summer School courses. I barely recognize the woman I was in 2017, the woman who struggled to answer the question: “If expense were not an issue and you had … Continue reading

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For God’s Sake, Get a Tribe!

It’s that time of year again, when a few friends and I spend four weeks planning out our dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and of course in order to do this, we begin by looking back on the … Continue reading

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Episode 11/11…wherein I return home to 2020, and ponder next steps

I always experience a bit of emotional jet-lag at the end of a long trip, and this time is no different, despite having done all this travel sitting right here at my laptop in the living room. It was exhausting … Continue reading

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Let’s sketch together!

Not everyone has that essential itch that leads to compulsively purchasing art supplies and doodling their life away. And even those that have the itch don’t always have it forever; many will be sketchbook artists for a while, then see … Continue reading

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Taking stock of the soup we are in

A year ago today, on Christmas Eve, I was in the midst of my second right-eye retinal hemorrhage. For decades I have had no sight whatsoever in my left eye, so this new development was pretty scary. I hadn’t driven … Continue reading

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The Story of Inkheart- and More

Sometimes when I am looking for a movie to rent, I do a search by actor. This time it was Helen Mirren (never a bad choice), and my search turned up a PG rated movie that was ostensibly for children, … Continue reading

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The Greatness of Blue

It was the 24th day of the last month of the year, snow was everywhere, and the summer animals had long since headed south for the winter. Or so the villagers thought. It had been difficult for everyone since winter … Continue reading

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