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Have you ever taken a nap with your eyes open?

That’s pretty much what sketching was like today. I was gently focused on what I was doing, and at some point I thought. “Yeah, I think I’m done.” (Wow, I wish you could hear how I enunciated that ‘yeah’—it was … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on being fidgety

This will probably read like a ‘letter home’ in answer to the question, “What have you been up to since your virtual trip to Wales?” It has been ten days since my last blog post (that suddenly sounds like a … Continue reading

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Episode 11/11…wherein I return home to 2020, and ponder next steps

I always experience a bit of emotional jet-lag at the end of a long trip, and this time is no different, despite having done all this travel sitting right here at my laptop in the living room. It was exhausting … Continue reading

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The Perfect Time to Travel is…Right Now

I boarded a plane on April first, heading to the UK for a month, thanks to the inspiration of Roz Stendahl. “Are you mad? There is a global pandemic going on!” No worries, it is perfectly safe to travel inside … Continue reading

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Musical chairs anyone?

Does anyone else feel like they landed in the middle of a bizarre game of musical chairs, where you had no idea the music was ever going to stop, and then suddenly it did? The dark side of this pandemic … Continue reading

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Seize the Sieve!

Are there any of you out there who feel like the already-busy internet has turned into a madhouse of adrenaline-addled traffic? For good reason of course, but all the more reason to embrace filtering. You may be wondering about my … Continue reading

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Consider Rationing… but not everything.

I’m going to try to make this short and sweet. Two points: Food: It is easy to snack/overeat when you are stressed or bored and stuck at home. This is now reality for a lot of people. I was sick … Continue reading

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