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Forgive me Readers, for I have sinned…

That is, I missed the mark. It has been sixteen weeks since my last post, and no amount of  penance will make up for that time. And yet, I have very good news, and a bit of bad as well. … Continue reading

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Resurrecting a Blog

Some stitches are easier to drop than others. This blog project, begun with such enthusiasm in August 2016, lost its momentum about a year ago; I intended to take a little break, then life happened. Luckily I do have a … Continue reading

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The Painted Journal

In January 1991 I returned to college to finish my undergraduate degree after a 20-year hiatus. In my program at Lesley College, the last two semesters had to be devoted to a highly structured, single major work. After much brainstorming … Continue reading

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Part 7: Plan B, teamwork, and tearful goodbyes

Tues 2nd– 9am to Shadow Puppet Theatre with Sergei’s wife Helen because Sergei is sick. Also Will, Susan, Hannah, and Andy are getting sick with colds & fevers. The show must go on, and the Cabells are real professionals, sickness … Continue reading

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Part 2: From Russia, with bittersweet love

Context is everything, I know that. The story of the Soviet Union’s final years is dramatic and far more complex than anything I could ever pretend to understand. My four-week experience there in the spring of 1989 was as a guest … Continue reading

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Part 1: “Typical American!”

How did that headline feel? Like a compliment? Like an insult? Like a gross generalization? It has happened to all of us of course.  When you hear someone is from California, Alabama, Minnesota, or Massachusetts, you can’t help but assume … Continue reading

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Women’s Images: A Fable

Have you ever watched a scary movie and covered your eyes at the really frightening parts? And then, despite your fear, did you peek between your fingers because for a moment your curiosity was greater than your fear? That is … Continue reading

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