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Seize the Sieve!

Are there any of you out there who feel like the already-busy internet has turned into a madhouse of adrenaline-addled traffic? For good reason of course, but all the more reason to embrace filtering. You may be wondering about my … Continue reading

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Consider Rationing… but not everything.

I’m going to try to make this short and sweet. Two points: Food: It is easy to snack/overeat when you are stressed or bored and stuck at home. This is now reality for a lot of people. I was sick … Continue reading

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Paper-free Sketching

[Apologies, I think I have three trains of thought in this post (health, being teachable, and the benefits of perseverance), so bear with me. None of them were willing to wait for later.  Geesh, kids…..] I went for a walk … Continue reading

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Not everyone is a wannabe…

Not everyone has that essential itch that leads to compulsively purchasing art supplies and doodling their life away. And even those that have the itch don’t always have it forever; many will be sketchbook artists for a while, then see … Continue reading

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Take Care…but not too much

I wrote a blog post a week ago today, knowing full well it would never see the light of day. In it I was able to wail and rant and despair and simmer down and see the point in it … Continue reading

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In your heart you know

That expression, “In your heart you know” was said to me over twenty-five years ago by a man who was refusing to cooperate. At the time I had a big decision to make, I had weighed all the pros and … Continue reading

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New beginnings…or “Onward Through the Fog!”

As I said in my last post, sometimes you have to be willing to close one door before you can open another, even if that means standing in the dark hallway alone for a while. I feel very comfortable in … Continue reading

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