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Have you ever taken a nap with your eyes open?

That’s pretty much what sketching was like today. I was gently focused on what I was doing, and at some point I thought. “Yeah, I think I’m done.” (Wow, I wish you could hear how I enunciated that ‘yeah’—it was … Continue reading

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Episode 1/11…wherein I escape the reality of 2020 quarantine and Travel Through Time and Space to 2022 Britain

March 30th, 2022 What a crazy time it has been in the two years since that insane 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. It slapped the entire planet, sending it to its room for weeks, months on end. The rhythm of adjustment was … Continue reading

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Simmering Pots & Comrade Spirits

“The Show” is up, finally! Thanks to a good friend’s assistance, on March 1st we hung up 25 paintings, evenly spaced, along a 49′ wall. For me it was a very long year of not only painting, but during that … Continue reading

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Paper-free Sketching

[Apologies, I think I have three trains of thought in this post (health, being teachable, and the benefits of perseverance), so bear with me. None of them were willing to wait for later.  Geesh, kids…..] I went for a walk … Continue reading

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