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Shameless Marketing

“Beware creating alone—join an art class!” I am teaching two classes  here in Concord this spring, one in May and a follow-up one in June, and I would love to have you there to enjoy the gorgeous weather and laughter … Continue reading

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Changing of the guard

Long wool coats, soft leather gloves, They meet at the café, commandeering an improvised conference area, perpendicular to the alcove, not quite in, not quite out. Not a smile among them, quite sincere business matters discussed, because of course, Business … Continue reading

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Loosen up…but how?

Woodland strolls in the nick of time: autumn! I have had the good fortune to explore a few of Concord’s many beautiful trails in the last couple weeks. My companion sets the pace walking ahead of me, and I am … Continue reading

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Your Values Matter

October Sunday afternoon,  Concord NH The flowers at the police memorial sculpture in Concord were beautiful in the noonday sun, but by the time I got back over there at 2 o’clock the light had changed and most of it … Continue reading

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‘Tis A Gift to… keep it simple

I got to the last few pages of the small sketchbook I carry in my purse, and being frugal (or cheap) I could not just “call it done.” A beautiful autumn day, time to spare, and no sense of direction led … Continue reading

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Oils in the Cellar— Sawdust in the Attic

   I grew up in a home of polarized artists. My father, an executive at the Reader’s Digest, had a fully outfitted woodworking shop in the attic of our old colonial house. There he crafted furniture in the sweltering heat of … Continue reading

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