New Homes for Happy Art Pouches

When I said, “Look at That!” I meant it!

It has been so exciting to see friends old and new select their latest art supply from my Art Pouch gallery. I think of each person as I package up their Art Pouch and tuck it into the mailing bag along with a page or two of my own ideas for them to ponder.  When I finally launch their purchase into the wild blue yonder (via the post office), I smile every time. It feels very personal.

Each of these pouches has such a long story with me, I feel like I am handing off  puppies to their new homes.  The fabric for the pouches was handwoven a few years ago  when I had a weaving business in Penacook, NH. Those were wonderful times.

In a prior post I told the story behind the creation of these lovely necklace kits. Now you too can see pictures of a few in their new homes.

Looks like one photo is missing…of course! Yours truly in Glasgow, 48 hours from now.

Yes, finally I am heading off to Scotland for two weeks, eager and just a bit nervous of course. As soon as I am on the bus here in Concord, the Tweaking of the Packing List will finally be over. I will be out of touch for a couple weeks, hiking and sketching and taking tons of photos of the Highlands. Loads of surprises in store when I return.

About Bobbie Herron

I sit here in my loft studio, surrounded by watercolor brushes and paints, fountain pens, sketchbooks, journals- wanting more than anything to write and paint at the same time. I am the fourth generation of journal-keeping women, starting in 1862, and I have read their words and between their lines. This blog was inevitable: thoughts on the unsung glory of women whose lives were recorded and transformed through their writing and art.
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5 Responses to New Homes for Happy Art Pouches

  1. Maggie Butler says:

    Artists will be able to recognize each other around the world with their pouches!!

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  2. Wonderful to see the jourey of the artpouches around the world. I wish you a wonderful stay in Glasgow.


  3. What a delightful unfolding of the story of the pouches. Wishing you a safe and wonderfully enjoyable journey over to our shores Bobbie. I know we all look forward to reading about it and seeing your paintings. Jx


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